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FAQ's - click on the question for the answer

Can you install/maintain my SBS server?

Certainly, I have customers who already use SBS Server. If you are considering buying one do call me first as you may find it is unnecessary to go to that level of expense.

What size of business can you support?

Typically businesses up to around 15 people. It depends on the level of demand of course, but this is a realistic size.

Can you resolve my networking issues?

One of the most common problems I encounter, particularly for new customers!

No network is bullet-proof, you only have to read in the papers about the problems major institutions like banks have periodically, but there are many things that can be done to minimise problems, increase network speed and improve stability.

My WiFi network does not work in all parts of my home/office. What can I do?

It is easy to extend the reach of your WiFi network by the use of WiFi extenders. They look like routers, but are lower cost, simple to install and will work with virtually all existing routers. For large homes or offices you may need more than one. They can also be used to connect remote non-wireless (Ethernet) devices to your network.

I had a power outage recently and now I'm having problems

Another common problem, particularly in more rural areas. Power cuts can cause problems and at best mean you can't work while the power is out. At worst you can experience data corruption to your file server.


Protecting yourself against this eventuality is both simple and low cost. A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) will keep your fileserver safe and allow an orderly shutdown before the power is cut.


Typically the UPS will keep the server up for about 15 minutes and will automatically shutdown your server if the power is not restored within this time. You can of course choose to have a larger UPS for more time and even keep your router and phone system alive to allow at least some measure of working while the power is out.

Can you access my network remotely?

Absolutely. Remote access has a definite place in problem resolution, however it does have its limitations. If the problem is a networking issue then a site visit is often the only way to resolve it. Remote access is also a lot slower than being at the machine(s), so for complex and extended work it is not necessarily the quickest.

What is meant by software maintenance?

Customers who subscribe to software maintenance can be sure that their computer network is always set for maximum reliability, stability and security.


While you can set your pc's to automatically update Microsoft software, other application software and drivers will not necessarily do this. There is much more to your network than Microsoft. Manufacturers are constantly improving their software to solve compatibility issues (a common problem that can cause pc's, peripheral devices and applications to not interact correctly or even fail) and just as importantly security holes. Virus attacks and hacking are more commonly caused as a result of out-of-date software than not having an anti-virus program!


Additionally regular maintenance allows checks to detect possible impending problems and therefore to take preventative action. When did you last check that your backups actually work? That pc or server slowing down may be due to it starting to run out of memory, or perhaps the router is running out of steam as a result of a gradually expanding network. Don't wait until it actually falls over as so many people do.


There is no annual fee for regular maintenance, as always you only pay for work that is actually done. In fact maintenance customers get a 10% discount on all labour charges! How often you need maintenance depends on the size of your network, but typically once every 1 to 2 months is sufficient. To qualify for the discount it must be at least every 3 months.

What about Network Security?

A question with many answers!   It is extremely important to take appropriate precautions, though it's equally important not to become paranoid. Clearly it's necessary to have a professional anti-virus program installed and kept up to date, but one which is effective while not being intrusive.   It is essential also to keep your software up to date as these updates are mainly security related i.e. fixing security holes in the software which could allow a hacker to exploit.   Your wireless network needs to be using the latest security key techniques to prevent a hacker gaining access to your network.   Is your firewall appropriately set so that your network works both efficiently and safely?   These are not necessarily complex or expensive steps to take at all, but can be very costly indeed if not implemented correctly or kept up to date.   Software maintenance will ensure all the right steps have been taken to protect your network.

Do you support Apple products?

I will gladly provide support to attach Apple products to your network and install any necessary software, but I do not supply or repair Apple hardware. Apple support extends to features such as synchronising your Microsoft Office calendar to your iPhone or iPad or setting up emails etc.

Why do you charge for travel?

It's the fairest way for my customers. Many companies will either charge you a flat callout fee or inflate their labour charges to recover the costs of travel. This means you are paying irrespective of your distance from the company's base. I only charge for the actual cost to me and unlike many companies I do not charge for my travel time, my labour charge only starts when I arrive on site.

Do you have a minimum charge?

My minimum charge is one hour. Thereafter charging is by the half hour. And if I'm there for an hour and 10 minutes? You will only get charged for one hour!

Do you take credit cards?

Sorry no. Payment is by cheque or bank transfer.